Eternity Warriors Hack

What you Need:
Hex Workshop

1.Connect your iphone to your PC.
Open IfunBox,Drap file XXXXX_1000 from Application/Warrior/Document

2.use Hex Workshop to open XXXXX_1000
Find your coin & gem use 32Bit unsigned long


Change the value you want

Change the value you want

Set permission 775 or 777

Update my EW Char Coin & Gem Hack

Maplestory Cygnus Knights Hacks

MapleStory Cygnus Knights
Hex Editing Save File for; Level, Stats, Skill Points, and Cash Shop Items
Credits: GamingAdvantage

Status: Working v1.0.1
WinSCP: Website Link Here
HxD: Website Link Here
File Save w/ Cash Items: Click Here

Written Explanation 1 (All Cash Items):
1. Open SSH and govar/mobile/Applications/Maple Folder/Documents/..
Get your File Save, Cygnus0, Cygnus1, Cygnus2 and place it on your Desktop.
2. Drag and drop MY File Save w/ Cash Item codes and Your File Save into HxD
3. In my File Save go to offset, CA0 and highlight down too FC0
Go > Edit > Copy
4. Go to your File Save and highlight from CA0 to FC0 again,
Go > Edit > Paste Write
Now you have all Cash Shop Items!

Written Explanation 2:
The next steps will be for hacking Level, Coins, Stats, and Skills.
-While in HxD change the code width to 32.
-IMPORTANT: This app is Reverse Hex so do everything backwards!
Sorry I didnt put 100% into drawing with the red pen

Please give Feedback, put a lot of work into sharing this with everyone.
Hope this works for everyone, if not just comment below!

Monster Hunter v.100

- Life Hack (Enemys wont hurt you)
- Slash Hack (Your "Slash Attacks"-Amount will stay at max)
- Infinite Items (Use them and they will stay at 99)
- Money Hack (Set your money to 99.999.999 by completing a level)
- Material Hack (Get 99 of each material you win)
- Drink Hack (Use a Drink and it will be set to 99)

- Extreme Damage (Make over 8.000.000 Damage per hit) (optional)

Working on ARM6: Yes (Not Tested)
Working on ARM7: Yes

- Replace the "MonsterHunterUs" file in "/private/var/mobile/Applications/**** MonsterHunterUs ****/MonsterHunterUs/" with the downloaded one.
- Set permissions to 755, start it and enjoy :>


Download - Extreme Damage

Credits: _-[BlIzZaRd]-_

Zenonia 3

no damage
infinite skill points
infinite stat points (note you must change screen to set them as they dont reach 0)
infinite gold - sell something in a shop
infinite ZEN - buy something with ZEN
Fast level up (looking at the code this should apply to faeries too but i dont seem to have levelled my fairy yet.....)
Infinite Item Durability (Note - not fully tested, but im quietly confident )

Updated :-)
Removed a little bug with the durability cheat. Kept getting an annoying message saying weapon was broken when it wasnt, this should be fixed now
added skill hack - Skills always available regardless of cooldown or mana


ARM7 AND ARM6 Tested and worked

Just move the file to your game-path (/private/var/mobile/Applications/***** zenonia3 *****/zenonia3.app/) and replace the original one (BACKUP!!!)

Inotia 3

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia hack

hacks: max level, max money, unlimited skill points, items

works for both arm6 and arm7

download: http://www.mediafire...7mh7rl934rm5nfu


no skill cooldown, 100% item drop, 100% enchant success, unlimited items, better weapons

download: http://www.mediafire...p3s5sxx36n6o6cp

here are the offsets:

519d4 -> 0000a0e3 : cooldown
6fe68 -> 1eff2fe1 : items ok
634b8 -> 020000ea: more u
634BC -> 010000ea
724fc -> 0000a0e10000a0e1 -> 100 enchant success
64270 -> 0000a0e10000a0e1 -> 100 drop
634a8 -> 0000a0e10000a0e1 -> 100
73e24 -> 64a0a0e3 -> UNIQUE

3a69e0 -> 4ff0640a
39b38e -> c046c046 -> 100 drop
39bcac -> c046c046c046 -> 100 drop item
3a586c -> c046c046 -> 100 enchant
39b394 -> c046 \ more unique hmm
39b3a0 -> 14e0 /
3a3ddc -> 7047 -> items
38f732 -> 0020 -> cooldown

Tiny Chef Buck Hack

You need Ifile or winscp to drag the file to the desktop n opening it with notepad

1. go into your tinychef app
2. go into documents/filescache
3. opening up this file "Levels-dbc9d81b05f5ac4bc46813015ab8043d" with no quote
you got to do 2 thing 1st is look for your next level exp and change it to whatever number you want,lower the better than look for this "bonusPremiumCurrency" that is ur buckchef change the 1 to whatever number.

save and restart the game. gain a level up and lots of moneyyy

Mall Party Hack

1. You need ifile for this. (Download from Cydia if you don't have it)
2. Opening ifile and look for your Mall Party app
3. Search for the savedGame.xml

Open up the file and search for your money,mall buck,EXP,level is right next to each other so is not hard to find..
5. Now just change the values to whatever you want